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Hi all!

It's so rare to stumble across great customer service anymore, so I want to share a website with you that not only has really cute dog collars but also has impressive customer service!

Long story made really short, I placed an order on this site and then changed my mind about one aspect of the order. I sent an email, thinking it was likely too late as my information and order had been "processed." However, I received an email response from the owner herself within hours, and she was more than happy to accommodate my "difficult-ness!" She asked an additional question about whether the collar was for a dog who would be spending time in the water (so that she could put a more appropriate webbing on the collar, if necessary). I was quite impressed with her responsiveness, accommodation, and patience and I definitely shared that with her.

Feel free to pass this info along to any others who might be interested.

Enjoy shopping! Customer service can go a long way nowadays, can't it????!!!!! Denise

I have bought MANY MANY MANY of your collars and i LOVE them wouldnt use any different!!!! Thanks Taylor

Beautiful collar!!! Thank you so much!! And my Bella-boo loves it too! :) Susan

Hi Tammy, Just want to tell you I got my collars and I LOVE them!! thanks so much!! thanks for your generosity to MAGDRL! MaryFran

Hi all!

It is so rare to stumble across great customer service anymore, so I want to share a website with you that has a really cute selection of dog collars that are made in the USA and impressive customer service. To make a long story short, I emailed a question regarding a collar and in a short amount of time received an answer back. I also wanted to know a delivery time and the collar was sent the same day as the order. Also, shipping is very reasonable compared to most. The owner is also the designer of the collars her name is Tammy. Great customer service, great collars and no I am not getting a 'kick back'.

Her website is: goes by TLC Pet Stuff.

Just wanted to share this with ya all,

Barbara and Amee

Hi! I just wanted to let you know that the pink stripe collar and leash and the embroidered collars arrived yesterday and I am so pleased with them. Precious enjoys her girlie colors while coordinating with her brother"s handsome blue stripes and those embroidered collars are simply wonderful. They all are wearing their embroidered collars now (I had had the 1 inch embroidered collars from Orvis in the past but these are even better!). Sampson wore his embroidered collar to dog school today and several people were interested in ordering and I gave out your information freely. I love having the information on their collars because, even though they are all microchipped, it adds another layer of protection for them if the worst happens and one of them goes wandering. You always do such a wonderful job and are terrific about working with me to find just the ribbon to make what I want--my dogs are better dressed than I am! I only wish that I could get some good photos for you. Thanks so much again--amk

Jennifer says "I am loving the elephant collars we got for our two pups! They are very nicely made. Both of my babies are wearing their Republican collars with pride this fall! I will definitely buy more collars from Uptown Collars"

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